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The group is about generational wealth creation for like-minded people. It's a life-changing experience and an opportunity to work as a Team to reach personal and professional goals. It is not an investment platform or a ponzi scheme. It is an empowerment programme. It is a contribution programme.

The Jews, Asian, Arab and Chinese, American community are doing this to support and empower one another.

You are required to pay required amount for your membership eg;$50 =25000 Once* only and to bring at least two guests who can do the same.

The the most important is your mindset, be ready to be responsible for your own success and that of the Team

The system works by Everyone bringing two guests each, so u need to find your 2 guests and make sure they also do the same to achieve the goals.

You will will be join by the first set of team members that are starting their circle again. So at any point you will have someone that is besides you.

Yes, you can if you have more guests. Teamwork makes the Team board filled.

No, there is no time limit to your contribution, or introducing your composery two people. But like the race of life, some will get to their goal sharply, while some will take their time but surely you and your Team will get there if you all persist. Determination and commitment is the key to a success.

All admins are membes like you who are volunteering to make the Awesome fund family a success.That way they can also mentor others coming behind, until all of the members of Awesome fund family have perfected the system.

Yes, any team leader can conduct their own zoom meetings for their team to understand how this works and slides are available for them upon request.

It is the responsibility of all members in the group to ensure their Team board is full. Remember it is better for your Teamboard to be delayed than having people who are not committed to bringing their two. Remember, this will affect your genealogy and their future. That's why you should be careful of who you invite. Invite people of like minds, goal-getters.

Anyone can leave, we want people who are ready to be committed to the success of the Awesomefund family And also, some leave because such people have not yet caught sight of the vision and may eventually be a problem in the next stage if they are not willing to bring their two to the Awesome fund family.

Play your part to help this Awesome Family succeed. Abide by the rules, make new members feel welcome. Answer questions if you feel you can, respect others. Be responsible for your own success and make this opportunity work for you, while you work as part of a team to help others to succeed too. Before you ask admins to put your guests on the board, be sure they already to be committed and they understand what is expected of them as part of the Rule.

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